Community work for prison and jail inmates.

Our current and broken prison for profit system has turned into little more than a financial black hole which we spend more per person who has taken away from society than we do per student in elementary school. The people who really needs to be invested in.

We as a society deserve to get our moneys worth for these bad investments. chain gangs and forced community service should be mandatory. If a person can't pay a ticket fine I understand feeding your family or drinking your booze is more important to you then paying recompense for your actions. So your Sundays or day off is now to be used by the community in which you took away from. We don't need more people locked up over money that's a dark and downward spiral that a person can almost never fight their way out of. Time however is free to use and your hands can pay the debt your dumbass amassed.


  • – Ohosujebe Peguciu

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