Sanctuary Cities the Goal

Here's the real goal of these cities nobody is talking about.

It starts with the bring in of immigrants and calling the refugees. However, after giving a person a social security number, government aid, and permanent housing they are immigrants, not refugees. The difference is amazingly important.

The first goal of the sanctuary cities is to take control from the people and turn it over to the government and U.N. completely allowing them to move about without checks and balances. This is done by getting rid of the Sheriff's department which is the most powerful law organization in any county. Which means before any government agency or agent including foreign agencies (U.N.) has to register with them and fill them in on what they are doing in their jurisdiction.

Once the cities have disbanded the sheriff's department which is always about the first thing they do once claiming sanctuary status then the U.N. and U.S. government comes in and drops off as many "refugees" as they want and have U.N. "peace Keepers" on our soil for as long as they have refugees there. Now if they call them immigrants which they are by definition the U.N. no longer has a right to be here. So a simple word swap from immigrant to refugee has now given the U.N. the ability to come and stay on our soil which has been the goal of the democratic party for years. They want a complete globalization and this is a big step in that direction.

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