The future ism

From my childhood in the middle of Indiana to now I’ve have witnessed a fantastic change in our country. Except for a loud minority, we as a society actually work together very well, but that isn’t good for the narrative, so we don’t hear that very often. I believe every generation and conversation we have pointed in this direction strengthens our unity along those lines. What if a new ism comes into play that is bigger than race. What if we realize we as humans are pretty similar even though our colors many be different or our languages differ.

We are coming into an age where people are actively changing DNA and editing us as humans at our most basic level. We do not know what is going to happen to this DNA as it goes down the genetic and generational line. Should your partner be made aware your DNA has been changed like an AIDS patient. I mean your potentially damaging the family lineage. I don’t have science backgrounds so I can’t really take a side either way. Just seems like a natural path of humanity.

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