Best Health Practices

Think Positive


Be Thankful


Stretch before bed and upon waking up. 20-30 minutes


Get Sleep


Fast for a minimum of 72 hours bi-monthly at minimum.


Exercise to a hard sweat at least weekly


No Soda


Eat Probiotics and fermented foods


Spend a few hours a week in the woods or at least in calm outdoor space.


Make bed everyday (mental health)


Eat real food, Consider fast food Candy


Read books


Warm/hot lemon Water at wake up once a week


Eat a minimum of Meat in general but especially red meats


Chew Your food Well


Drink Water


Take a few minutes out of every day to Breathe with purpose


Reduce or disuse Aluminum based deodorants


Reduce or stop the intake of Fluoride 


Don't sleep on right side to much


Eat Sprouted seeds   


Don't eat after 7P.M.


Work to live don't live to work


Count Chemicals Not Calories to an Extent no Pie Every Night 


Have Plants in Your House Especially In The Bedroom


Get mushrooms in your diet daily if possible


Don't buy seedless fruits nature doesn't make those 










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