Books & Podcasts Worth The Time


How Not to Die By: Michael Greger MD & Gene Stone

Health and Healing By: Andrew Weil MD

Natural remedies By: Andrew Weil MD

Natural cures "They" don't Want you to Know By: Kevin Trudeau  (understanding the system we live under)


Spy / Military Series:

Mitch Rapp By: Vince Flynn

Grey Man By: Mark Greaney

James Bond By: Ian Fleming

James Reece By: Jack Carr

Scott Harvath By: Brad Thor



Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Galaxy's Edge Series By: Nick Cole & Jason Anspach

The Adventures of Tom Strange & #1 in Customer Service By: Larry Correia

Ready Player One By: Ernest Cline

Ender's Game Series By: Orson Scott Card

Monsters Hunting International Series - Larry Correia

Mithermages Series By: Orson Scott Card

Elantris By: Brandon Sanderson



Self Development & Business

Can't Hurt Me By: David Goggins

Never Split the Difference By: Chris Voss

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions By: John Maxwell

12 Rules for Life By: Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

Maps of Meaning By: Dr. Jordan B Peterson

Psycho-Cybernetics By: Maxwell Maltz

The Complete book of The Five Rings By: Kenji Tokitsu

Make Your Bed By: William McRaven

Extreme Ownership By: Jocko Willink & Leif Babin

Digital Gold By: Nathaniel Popper

Rich dad Poor Dad By: Robert T. Kiyosaki

Atomic Habits By: James Clear




Permanent Record By: Edward Sowden

America Before By: Graham Hancock

The Complete Book of The Five Rings By: Miyamoto Musashi

The Art of Invisibility By: Kevin Mitnick

Narconomics By: Tom Wainwright

The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire that saved America                      By: Timothy Egan

Inside the Revolution By: Joel C. Rosenberg

The Original Argument: The Federalist; case for the constitution By: Glenn Beck

Common Sense : A case for against an out-of-control Government By: Glenn Beck

The Rose That Grew From Concrete By: Tupac Shakur




Religion and Spirituality

Food of The Gods By: Terrance McKenna

Chariots of the Gods By: Erich Von Daniken

The Art of Living & Fear By: Thich Nhat Hanh

Islam and Terrorism: What the Quran Really teaches about Christianity, Violence and the goals of the Islamic Jihad By: Mark A. Gabriel



Biography & Memoirs (Military)

Fearless (Adam Brown) By: Eric Blehn

 Legend By: Eric Blehn

Into the Lions Mouth By: Larry Loftis

The Operator By: Robert O'neil

Sea Stories By: William McRaven

Lions of Kandahar By: Major Rusty Bradley & Kevin Maurer

Outlaw Platoon By: Sean Parnell

To Hell and Back By: Audie Murphy

By Honor Bound By: Dick Couch & Mike Thornton

The Billion Dollar Spy By: David Hoffman

Permanent Record - Edward Snowden


A Life on Our Planet - Sir David Attenborough & Jonnie Hughes




Fingerprints of The Gods By: Graham Hancock

America Before By: Graham Hancock

A Peoples History of the United States By: Howard Zinn

The British Are Coming By: Rick Atkinson

Americas Hidden History By: Kenneth C. Davis

Rivals! Frenemies Who Changed The World By: Scott McCormick

Badass By: Ben Thompson




Cotton Malone series By: Steve Berry

Sigma Force Series By: James Rollins

Robert Langdon Series Dan Brown

The Brethren By: John Grisham

Hatchet By: Gary Paulsen

Warriors By: Erin Hunter (Kids Series)

Monster Hunters International series By: Larry Correia

His Dark Materials Series By: Philip Pullman

The Giving Tree By: Shel Silverstein 

The Mither Mages Trilogy By: Orson Scott Card





Joe Rogan Experience

 Harness Your Hindrance Coaching

The Leviathan Chronicles

The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

Levar Burton reads

Common Sense & Hardcore History By: Dan Carlin

Cabinet of Curiosities

War Stories W/ Oliver North

Team Never Quit By: Marcus and Morgan Luttrell

Alex Jones Show

The Section 31 Files

My History Can Beat Up Your Politics

Jocko Podcast


Stuff You Missed In History Class

Stuff they Don't Want You To Know

Star Trek Lost Frontier

Neverwhere By: Neil Gaiman

The Shawn Ryan Show

Marvel Wolverine









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