Crypto "Bitcoin" Space

After spending a few years learning about 1% of the Crypto space I'm sold as it being a huge part of our lives and future. Here's a few things to help you start your Journey. Enjoy - Good Technical Reading


The Bitcoin Standard By: Saifedean Ammous


Digital Gold By: Nathaniel Popper


Bitcoin : Hard Money You Can't Fuck With By: Jason A. Williams


Satoshi - Nick Szabo? No idea and really don't want to know. To whom it may concern: Thank You


Coinbase - good place to start they have streamlined the process and make understanding how to buy and sell crypto very easy. Just expensive in comparison to other options.


NFT - A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique.


Best place to start and enjoy digital art. Buy yours and get in before the masses


MetaMask -  Browser extension wallet easiest I've found and can log into most crypto site with your credentials.


Changelly - Easiest exchange to use and find less known currencies.


Twitter/Discord/Telegram - Best apps for staying up to date with projects and sites in real time.


Keep your money in a wallet you have the keys and phrase for never just on the sites wallet! You don't own that! - Great site for tracking prices and currencies easy watch listing & easy to understand. - The future of sports and trading cards on the blockchain. Get in the marketplace and buy now prices are just going up. Its also fun to open the packs makes me feel like a kid.


William Shatner that is all.


For a good pulse on the world check out @KennethBosak I think he's turning into the Joe Rogan of crypto. Just a stoner who love the space and know his shit.


Authy App - You can never have enough protection in this space and this authenticator app is easy to use and set-up. If not this one find one you like they are a must in this world.


Dapps - Blockchain based sites and apps


Brave Browser -  sign up get paid to do what your already doing their currency. Just a better more private and secure choice.


If your a gamer Chain Games is a fun place to jump in tournaments and  play while trying to make a few bucks. Always more fun to play with something on the line.                                                                                 - Good place to start learning about mining. If you like Minecraft type games, then Sandbox is a place to take your craft to the next level. Get paid for items you OWN not just purchase on the site for use.


Tor Browser - Private encrypted web browser never to safe


Beeple art work! - Good Reading