Great Products and Companies

 Lilly of The Desert - Stomach formula specifically Great


Host Defense Mushroom Capsules                              


ONNIT - supplements and more                                                                    


BITCOIN - Will give Coinbase link as it's the easiest way to start.              Referral -


Brave or Firefox internet browsers - Brave and will pay you to use it in their crypto and is safe. Firefox is just all around well designed and safe.


Duckduckgo as search engine get away from google


Stash Bank - Another choice outside of the brick and mortal bank set up. Great way to get into stocks without having to know to much, just buy the genre you like and watch your portfolio grow.                                                                Referral -


CellHelmet Phone Chargers actually fast charge!


Lambs underwear - Protect the family jewels from unwanted radiation.












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