People to know

Paul Stamets - Mushrooms and Health


Dr. Andrew Weil - Health


David Goggins - Mindset


Jocko Willink - Discipline


Dr. Jordan Peterson - life & Culture


Terence McKenna - Thoughts


Tim Ferriss - Mindset 


Joe Rogan - Information and Culture


Chris Voss - Communication


Kevin Mitnick - Technologies 


William McRaven - Mindset


Graham Hancock - History


Howard Zinn - Historical Perspective


Gifford Pinchot - Forestry and Conservation.


Hamilton Morris - Culture and Chemistry


Nick Szabo - Crypto & Technologies


Kenn Bosak - Crypto


Robert Kiyosaki - Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and overall Financial Guru


Elon Musk - Badass, has a few businesses


Jason Williams - Crypto Space


Ariel Kopac - Financial Coaching